Commercial Compactors

Compactor Repair Services

A compactor break-down can create a major and costly disruption for a business or property. Compactor break-downs can lead to trash pile-ups, decreased efficiency (particularly for manufacturing businesses), required manual trash handling and increased costs. The experts at Jordan Waste Services provide repair services for every make, model and type of compactor. Our professional technicians use the latest equipment and technology to handle your repair needs as efficiently as possible. We prioritize your repair to get your business processes back to normal.

Compactor Services and Compactor Repair

Choosing a compactor for waste collection can be an ideal solution for a number of commercial needs, particularly if there is limited space for trash receptacles or dumpsters. Because a compactor reduces the volume of waste materials, one unit can handle a greater amount of waste compared to standard dumpsters. Depending on the use and specific needs, opting for a compactor can potentially reduce the frequency of trash haul-aways and save the business or property money on their waste collection costs. There are different types of compactors to handle different types of waste removal needs. Here are just a few of the most common compactor solutions for different types of businesses.

Self-Contained Compactor

A self-contained compactor is ideal for businesses or properties that will have a mixture of different types of waste, such as wet waste (food waste and liquids) and dry waste (paper, plastic and cardboard waste). Typical commercial uses of self-contained compactors include grocery stores, restaurants, apartment complexes, medical centers, mixed retail centers (strip malls and traditional shopping centers) and stadiums.

Stationary Compactor

A stationary compactor is ideal for businesses or properties that will have mostly dry waste, such as paper, plastic, cardboard and other types of packaging materials. Common businesses or properties that use stationary compactors include warehouses, retail stores, department stores and fulfillment centers.

Vertical Compactor

A vertical compactor is ideal for businesses with mixed waste collection needs but a limited amount of space for their waste disposal unit. Businesses that often use vertical compactors include bars, fast food establishments and independent/stand-alone restaurants that don’t have a shared waste collection system.

Pre-Crusher Compactor

A pre-crusher compactor is used for very large items that are too big to be disposed of in one of the other compactor types listed. These items might include drums, wooden pallets and crates, furniture and manufacturing debris. Businesses that require pre-crusher compactors include manufacturing facilities and industrial complexes.

We also offer a regular service and maintenance program to keep your compactor operating properly and efficiently. Regular maintenance services can also help catch necessary repairs or required part replacements due to wear and tear – before a major break-down occurs.